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Goodhue County Abstract Company

Goodhue County Abstract Company has been providing dependable and accurate title services for over 100 years. As an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company, we can offer our customers a full range of title and closing services for Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. In addition to our Red Wing office, we have closing facilities available at our other locations in Faribault, Northfield and Winona.  We will also travel to provide closing services at locations requested by our clients.

Red Wing Office (map)
433 W. 3rd Street
Red Wing, MN 55066
Phone 651-388-8891
Fax 651-388-0981

Contact us online


Charles Bang - President   chuck@gcabstract.com
David Bang - Vice President/Secretary   david@gcabstract.com
Tracy Sears - Vice President   tracy@gcabstract.com

Closing Department

  Direct Dial # Email address
Jodi Bach – Dept. Manager, Licensed Closing Agent, Business Development 651-301-7660 jodi@gcabstract.com
Sherry Schafer - Licensed Closing Agent 651-301-7662 sherry@gcabstract.com
Wendy Forsman - Closing Assistant 651-800-7084 wendyjo@gcabstract.com
Alicia Swinnerton – Closing Assistant 651-800-7074 alicia@gcabstract.com
Kris Davig - Licensed Closing Agent 651-800-7080 krisd@gcabstract.com
Jodie Wensmann – Licensed Closing Agent 651-301-7562 jodiew@gcabstract.com
Diane Spinner – Licensed Closing Agent 651-301-7560 dianes@gcabstract.com
Jean Martin – Licensed Closing Agent 651-301-7665 jean@gcabstract.com
Kristin Kronbeck - Scheduling 651-301-7578 KristinK@gcabstract.com

Title Department

  Direct Dial # Email address
Tracy Sears - Vice President, Examiner, Department Manager 651-800-7073 tracy@gcabstract.com
Diane Carlson- Accounts Payable,
Construction Disbursement
651-800-7075 diane@gcabstract.com
Jenny Born - Examiner, Accounts Receivable, Final Policies 651-800-7076 jenny@gcabstract.com
Janis Anderson –Title Production/Closing Assistant 651-301-7561 janis@gcabstract.com
Kristin Haglund, Examiner 651-301-7563 kristin@gcabstract.com

Abstract Department

  Direct Dial # Email address
Luan Colvin - Department Manager, Licensed Abstracter, IT 651-800-7077 luan@gcabstract.com
Carol McCleary - Licensed Abstracter, O&E's 651-800-7078 carol@gcabstract.com
Matthew Fairbanks - Licensed Abstracter 651-800-7081 matt@gcabstract.com
Debbi Pittman – Administrative Assistant 651-301-7663 debbi@gcabstract.com
Stacey Anderson - New Orders 651-800-7083 stacey@gcabstract.com
Whitney Jaeger - Reception, New Orders 651-800-7082 whitney@gcabstract.com


Any customer complaints or concerns should be directed to Tracy Sears, Vice President, at
651-800-7073 or emailed to tracy@gcabstract.com.